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Introduction: DIY Cardboard Deer Head

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I have always wanted a Cardboard Deer Head like the ones you see at trendy shops or at but couldn't justify spending money on something I know I can make myself.

In this Instructable I will show you how I made my Cardboard Deer Head. Its not perfect but I am happy with it. The total project took me about 10+ hours off and on. My best advice is too take breaks and don't get frustrated (cutting gets a little tedious).  If you had a laser cutter this would probably take you less than 30 minutes of actual work.

Cutting cardboard can be difficult. Please be careful to not cut yourself, always cut away from yourself!

Shall we get started?

Step 1: Supplies and Materials

The Best part about this Instructable? ITS FREE! That"s right free, that is of course if you have most of the supplies on hand.

Box Cutter
Hot glue gun
Tape (masking tape works well)

Optional (but recommended)

Cardboard (best if it is clean, not bent up, and doesn't have anything printed on it)
Template printed off (I attached a .zip file with the template scaled so you can print at any standard printer. Also a much larger .png file if you want to scale up or play with)
Pop top

Step 2: Cut Out the Template

Start by cutting out the template. (I provided a .zip file on the last step)

Once you cut out all the pieces tape together any pieces that weren't able to be printed on one page. ( The head with the antlers and the middle) Look at the closer images for reference. If you have any questions feel free to ask

After you have taped the pieces together that needed to be, loop your masking tape on the back of the template pieces.

Step 3: Start Cutting Out the Cardboard

Once you have a piece taped down carefully start cutting out. I put sheet of cardboard down so i wouldn't cut my carpet up.
Go slow and take brakes. Use you scissors or exacto-knife for smaller more detailed cuts.

Don't worry about cutting the notches where the pieces go together just yet. I saved that for the next step to assembly line the processes.

Be sure to recycle any scrap cardboard and paper. No point in putting that in a land fill.

Step 4: Cut the Notches Out

This part in my opinion is the hardest, but dont let that discourage you.

This is where having an exacto-knife set comes in handy. Due to the varying sizes of cardboard thickness, use the printed lines more as guides vs actual.  Luckily for me I had a square exacto-knife perfect for my cardboard.

Carefully cut out the notches if your cardboard is thicker than the template be sure to center your cuts. (be careful not to cut off or rip piece that shouldn't be, I did but its not a big deal)

Take the paper and tape off, and RECYCLE IT!!!

Step 5: FINISHED. Put It All Together

Following the guide I have provided, start at the bottom and go to the top putting the pieces in the notches. Its basically biggest to smallest. When I took these photos I switched around 8 and 9 no big deal. I have since fixed it but haven't taken new pictures.

Glue the Shields together
Glue the antlers on
Glue the pop top onto the back of the shield for something to hang it with.
Finally glue the head to the shield

And done, its like your a hunter. you can now brag to your friends that you hunted and mounted your own buck.

You will notice if you used a box cutter the edges will be jagged. I sanded down the edges to smooth it out.

Other ideas
If you are like me you want something a little different. I am eventually going to spray paint mine, but you could also cover each piece in old maps ( You could also cover it in camouflage duck tape.

With election season coming up you could make this out of corrugated plastic political signs.

The possibilities are endless. Feel free to post other ideas on what to do.
Please post pictures of your deer head.

Final Thoughts
I had a lot of fun making this project, and would appreciate any positive feed back. Feel free to modify the template I have provided.
My hope is to make more projects like this one. Moose head, bull head, maybe even an elephant head? Who knows?

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5 months ago

The most hard to do was to cut the pieces. I have also wraped it with poultry fence before the papier maché. I used wallpaper glue and a couple of layers of paper. Finishing touch up with Plaster of Paris, sanding, priming, painting and finally hanging. Very funny and zen project to do.


Wow its amazing.
can I do it like you?
Could you also send me the DXF file?


Hi Claptrap, nice job! Thank you for the idea. Can you also mail me the DXF file please? So i can apply it to 5 mm plywood.



7 months ago

Hi Claptrap. Do you still have the DXF file. please mail me


Would Love to get that file too!

Astonishing !

Could you please send me the dxf file or tell me where I could find it ?

Great work :) I hope I'll soon have the same dear head at home thanks to you ;)


Could you please e-mail me the DXF file for the deer ?


Wow! Looks fantastic! Do you still have the DXF file for the Deer Head?

is THE dxf file still availlable?

Hi! great Job! Looks Nice!

Can you please send the DXF file? i want to make in 6mm mdf... what do you think?

Can you pease send it to me?

One of the best on the internet!

Can I kindly ask you for the dxf file please? redon.softa(at)

Thank you a lot!!!!!

would you please send me the DXF file? it would be very much appreciated

Please send me the DXF file if you still have it. That would be amazing!