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Introduction: DIY Cardboard Lamp Shades

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While surfing the net i came across cardboard lamps in the below site
another the price!

I found the idea fascinating...but priced waay to much. It was obviously laser cut...I don't have that!...but it looked possible and very simple.
I thought I'll try it.
okay...this is just a please excuse that it's not very tidy. If you are gifting it to someone...make sure it's very neat
While doing it i learned that the grain of the board should be pasted the same more light would come...but then the sides would loose a little you should like gradually turn it away from the grain layer by layer... if you are doing it that way :-)

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Step 1: Gather Your Items

Gather your boxes...I'm sure you have plenty of the after the holidays! make sure they are corrugated boxes
drafting compass

Step 2:

The shape changes according to the cut  shape and size
Decide what radius you want and draw 2 circles, Mark in center of both A
Reduce the radius a little and draw 2 more circles. Mark those two B
Again reduce the radius a little and draw 2 Circles. Mark those two C
(If you want a fine finish i would recommend 2 more circles marked  D...i wished i had done it...)
Now...reduce the radius a little and draw 2 circles back in Both the A's....
Repeat till you get very small circles...say 2" diameter.

Step 3: Cut and Paste!

Cut the outer circles of A and paste togeather
Then cut the outer layers both  B circles and paste on either side of A
next cut the outer layers of C and paste on either side of the B.
Again cut the outer layer of A and paste on the bottom C and the Top C.
Repeat till you get the desired size.

Don't cut all the circles at it gradually....else when you have to leave (like i had to half way through when my toddler started trying out aerobics you would have a big mess....and you wouldn't know which is which!

Step 4: Wiring! and Finishing

Pass the wire through a small cardboard disc (it'll remain from your cardboard cutouts )...or paste a disc make a hole and pass the wire...
fix the bulb and hang!

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