DIY Cardboard Picture Frame

Introduction: DIY Cardboard Picture Frame

Want to hang your art on a budget? This cheap and easy framing technique will work for any lightweight and thin work of art!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • A Ruler
  • A marker
  • A Gluestick
  • An X ACTO knife and cutting board (scissors will work, but an X ACTO knife makes a cleaner cut.)
  • Materials for a decorative finish (I used black duct tape)
  • String to hang the frame
  • nail/thumb tack/Command Hook to

WARNING: When using the X ACTO knife, remember that it is very sharp and could be dangerous if used improperly. Use the cutting board for any cut made with the knife.

Step 2: Prepare Cardboard

  • Using a ruler and a marker, draw two squares of equal size on your cardboard. I drew mine to be 11 inch squares.

NOTE: The size of your cardboard (the frame) is relative to the size of your canvas. Make sure the cardboard is at least half an inch larger than your artwork on all sides. For example, my canvas was 10 inches by 10 inches, so my cardboard was 11 inches by 11 inches..

Step 3: Cut Cardboard

Using an X ACTO knife, VERY CAREFULLY cut your cardboard squares.

NOTE: Scissors will also work for this step, but an X ACTO knife will give you a more precise and clean edge.

Step 4: Prepare to Cut Inner Square

  • On one of the pieces of cardboard, use a ruler and a marker to mark a smaller square on the cardboard. This piece will be the front of the frame that will surround the art. I made my frame edges 1.5 inches thick on each side.
  • In order to ensure that your inner square is in the center of the larger square, measure the width of the frame from each corner. For example, I measured up (or down) and over 1.5 inches from each corner of my outer square, and then simply connected those dots to make the inner square.

Step 5: Cut Inner Square

  • Using the X ACTO knife and cutting board, very carefully cut out the inner square, creating the front of the frame.

Step 6: Decorate Front of Frame

  • This step will vary depending on how you wish to decorate your frame. I chose to cover it with black duct tape to match the art going inside of the frame. You could also paint the frame or decorate it with newspaper or magazine clippings.
  • Cut pieces of the black duct tape that will fit the entire height of the frame. Wrap the tape around the edges, or if the frame is too thick for the tape, use the X ACTO knife to clean up the edges.

Step 7: Glue Frame Together

  • Place your artwork on the back piece of the frame (the side without the hole).
  • Glue the back of the front of the frame and place it on top of the artwork.
  • Place a large book or other heavy object on top of the frame to help the glue to stick.

Step 8: Attach Hanger

  • To hang your art on the wall, use pieces of the duct tape to secure the string to the back of the frame.

Step 9: Hang and Enjoy

  • Hang the string on the nail/thumb tack/Command hook and enjoy!

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    It looks very sturdy, but I bet it's so light weight that almost anything can hold it up! Awesome job!