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Introduction: DIY Cardboard Slippers

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Waste Cardboard can be so much useful for all DIY junkies like me. I came up this idea, to make slippers / sandals from Cardboard.

Its Super simple and Fun Project.

BTW this works great on Carpet and dry floor :)

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Step 1: Things Required

All you need is Cardboard and preferably Hot Glue Gun to join it.

Step 2: Making Slippers

Trace your foot around and cut it for both the feet. Leave at least 5mm extra all around for better fit.

Cut a 15x 3 cm from cardboard, one for each foot. Make it round and flexible as shown in the Video.

Use Hot Glue Gun to glue the strip to the bottom part. Thats it!

Step 3: Completion and Verdict

This Came out pretty good in the End. I'm Happy.

Just keep in mind this is a Fun, Best out of Waste project so Judge accordingly if you will. :)

Hope you enjoyed the process and Liked this Project :)

Do Watch the Video

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    2 years ago

    This is a great idea for guests, or traveling, or Japan even, where in the traditional home special slippers are used for trips into the 'necessary room". ☺