DIY Cardboard Weapons!

Introduction: DIY Cardboard Weapons!

So when I made my Master Sword a while back, I got into this 'making weapons out of cardboard and wooden sticks' phase. So I ended up making a few of them off my own crappy designs. Here's the only one I ended up keeping (I decided to hang it up on my wall). So basically what I would do is:
- Get a round wooden stick
- Cut out my design from cardboard in 2 or 3 layers
- Cut the stick to a specific length
- Hot glue the bottom layer of the design to the stick
- Hot glue the second layer on top of that (having a space cut out for the stick to go through)
- Hot glue the third layer on top
- Add any extra features or designs
- Spray paint it black
- Add foil tape
- Go on a killing spree (not really)

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