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Introduction: DIY Cargo Screen

About: Studio Art Major at University of New Hampshire
The cost to buy a manufactured cargo screen is upwards of $100, I was able to make one for $30 using parts from lowes.

1. Retractable window blind/screen
2. mounting hardware
3. spray paint
4. Duct tape
5. Small screws
6. Wooden dowel 1/2"

1. Drill
2. Saw- any kind will work
3. Grinder/ Dremel
4. Scissors
5. Box Knife

Step 1: Mount Hardware

In the back section of your car find a place to mount the hardware which will hold the screen. Make sure to leave enough room in between the seats and the screen so that the screen will be able to retract easily, other wise the screen will not retract completely.

Step 2: Cutting Screen to Size

Remove the end of the screen which has the metal pin in it. Cut the screen to length, keep in mind it has to be long enough to sit inside the hardware but also short enough so the pins don't touch the wall.

If neccesary grind down the metal pins so it will fit.

If the pins are touching the wall it will affect the retracting mechanism and will not work properly.

Place the screen in the car in the mounting hardware.

Step 3: Adjusting the Length of Screen

Determine how long you want the screen to extend. In my situation there were already grooves carved in the walls of the car so I just used those.

Remove the plastic piece from the bottom of the shade and replace that with the wooden dowel.

Cut the dowel to length according to the dimensions of the car. It may be a good idea to thin the ends of the dowel so it slides in and out of the grooves easily enough.

In my car the inside gets smaller as you move closer towards the trunk door. I had to cut the actual shade to width. If you have to trim the shade place tape over the cut edges so it doesn't rip. 

Step 4: Finish

Put an extra layer of tape over all the edges and around the slot holding the dowel so it doesn't slide out.

Paint the hardware to match the color of your interior so that when the screen is removed it does not stand out awkwardly.

Place a piece of tape in the middle of the end of the screen so it is easy to reach and pull.

When you pull the screen back slide the dowel into the grooves of the car and it should tighten itself when it is in the grooves.
To retract the screen pull the screen as if it were on a window and the screen should snap back and return to its rolled up position.

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