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Introduction: DIY Chain Whip!

About: Hello I'm Aaron and I just like to get my hands dirty and make cool stuff

Hello fellow bike enthusiasts and weekend worriers, I'm Aaron and if you're anything like me you're tired of spending money on tools, or maybe you just like to make stuff either way.

I encourage you to use whatever random crap you have to make this. I spent 5 minutes looking around for the supplies and you can improvise the stuff if necessary.

You're gonna need some tools my friend:

•sledge hammer
•chain breaker

Step 1: Forage for Supplies

You will need the following:

•old chain
•some bar tape
•electrical tape
•a flat metal bar

Do your best not to spend any money on this it would defeat the purpose of the project, but hey man not everyone lives with hoarders so I can see how it would sometimes be necessary to buy the stuff.

Step 2: Break the Chain

Get you're handy dandy chain breaker (these things always break when I use them so don't do it my way.) You will need to make two pieces, one will need to be 3 links long and the other will need to be 7. Save the extra inside spacers too you may need them if you use a thiner piece of metal like I did

Step 3: Final Assembly

Drill those holes they should be slightly smaller than the chain pin so that it has a nice snug fit; and paint that wrench, wrenches love paint. After the long and arduous task of waiting for the paint to dry you can attach the chain pieces and wrap that bar tape. Don't forget to cut off the excess if you have any

You're now done and can take off cogs left and right all of your friends will be like "oh my god dude where did you get that sweet chain whip" and you will put on a pair of shades and ride into the sunset. I've been there and it's pretty majestic.

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5 years ago

Nice build, bro. Great sense of humor too. Makes reading it more fun. I voted for ya, so good luck!


5 years ago

I completely misunderstood the scope of this instructacle... I was expecting like a whip made of chain...


5 years ago



5 years ago on Introduction

I almost made a chain whip the other day when I needed one. One of my neighbors had one so it ended up being alright. Your's looks great!