DIY Chalk-Board Paint




With 2-3 simple materials, you can create your own paint on which you can paint whatever you want. Then you will be able to draw with chalk and wipe it of with a wet sponge.  


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make this chalkboard paint, you will need any waterproof paint, a bit of tile grout and brushes to your likings. The amounts vary, but roughly about 1 tsp of tile grout in proportion to a cup of paint. This may seem like a little, but otherwise your paint may become lumby with bits in it. Naturally, you can add up to 2 tsp if you want the chalk to draw really well. As my waterproof paint I used acrylic paint. To make it look like chalk board, I mixed yellow, blue and black to make dark green. You will also need a small amount of water to dilute the grout.

Step 2: Combine With Paint

Now add in the acrylic paint. You may want to add it progressively,  but otherwise add it all in and mix it with a brush. If you find that your paint is bubbly from your passive mixing, then leave it alone for a few minutes. Combine all the paint together.

Step 3: Paint Your Dreams

Get crazy to paint what your heart desires. Here I have painted a jar. This would be practical to label my ingredients. When painting, you want a coat  without gaps and the streaks not too deep, otherwise may result in chipping. If needed you may do several coats of it. Of course you can paint a solid board and then draw on it with chalk. Or just paint a whole wall. However make sure that the surface is smooth. After you have painted, leave it to dry completely. This may take overnight. Despite that it looks dry, give it some more time so that when you wipe your chalk with a wet sponge, it won't come off.

Step 4: Go Craz~Y

Paint your room, paint your notebooks, paint your fridge, paint your table, paint your shelf, paint your doors. When on a notebook, then you and your friends can exchange notes and before anyone notices you can wipe if off. If you paint your shelves you can label what is where. Iv painted my wardrobe door, and I usually have reminders and notices that remind me constantly.

To preserve what you have painted, when cleaning off your drawing/writing let it dry before your write again. If you do, the sharp chalk might scrape off some of it. Please comment if you have tried this and what you painted to share you ideas with others.



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    7 Discussions

    OMG, this is SOOOO awesome!!! I just tried it out and it worked perfectly!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    WOW and I almost bought expensive chalkboard paint the other day...

    Whattt... I never knew it could be this simple. Thank you so much for sharing :). Faved it :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a great idea! I had no idea that this was possible to make. Thanks for sharing! :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great ideas! I hadn't thought of painting all kinds of things. I imagine the grout gives really good 'tooth'.

    Years ago when teaching a class, I found commercial chalkboard paint too pricey... and I didn't want black. So I picked up a bunch of paint chip samples at the store and was surprised to find that most 'eggshell' finish paints work for chalkboards. I painted three coats of blue on smooth plywood. It was used daily for a month with no signs of wear. Never thought about it, but I suppose something similar to your process is added to make eggshell paint.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    awesome! i was going to paint a wall for the kid to draw on, will try this and see if it meets my requirements