DIY Cheap Easy Raspberry Pi Fan

This is a quick easy Instructable of how to make a small, yet powerful, Raspberry Pi fan. Enjoy!!

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Step 1: Parts

You will need a few parts that people will find in their every day houses.

. 6 lolly sticks

.A motor

.a switch

.A 9 volt battery(You could use a few 1.5 volts, AA,AAA)

.A battery snap

.OPTIONAL A wire connector, I had one of these so I used it to tidy things up.

.OPTIONAL A screwdriver (Flathead) If you are using a wire connector.

.Double side sticky tape

.Normal tape

.A fan piece (For motor, Make sure it fits)

Step 2: Creating the Circuit

1) Connect the battery snap to the battery and then to the wire connector

2) Connect the positive side of the switch to the positive side of the battery snap (through the battery connector)

3) Connect the negative side of the motor to the negative side of the battery (through the wire connector)

4)Connect the positive side of the motor to the negative side of the switch (through another wire connector if you have one)

Step 3: The Lollystick Structure and Motor Fan

1) Snap 4 of your lolly sticks in half and tape four pieces on top of each other in two stacks of 4 and tape them together

2) Put double sided tape on the top of both stacks and take of the white adhesive cover

3)Place the remaining two lolly sticks on the stacks, about two millimetres apart

4) Put some more double sided tape on the normal sized lolly sticks and take of the white cover

5) Place the motor on top of the two normal sized lolly sticks, slotting the motor axel between them

6) Flip it over and put the fan on the motor axel

Step 4: Finished!!

Place the stacks on either side of your Raspberry Pi and enjoy a heat free RPI session!!

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