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In this instructable, I will show you how to make easy cheap stickers at home for a very low cost. They are waterproof, durable and last a long time. I will be entering this instructable in the "Tape" contest as its entirely made up of two different types of tapes. If one of the instructable team is reading this please vote for me because although this may be a small project people love cheap easy things and stickers are well in trend at the moment. Also if an instructable staff member is reading this could you please try and make a cheap or free category or competition because I find it hard to make something that I can actually afford. Thank You!!

Also, as part of the competition extras, I will explain how I have incorporated this into the classroom. I have incorporated this into the classroom because many of my friends and peers have asked me to make personalised stickers to go on their books as it adds a sense of friendliness and fun to learning. My teachers have even asked for some too because everyone loves a bit of creativity!!

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Step 1: Parts and Stuff

As this is a very low cost all you will need is:

.Double sided sticky tape

.Normal sellotape

.Access to a NORMAL printer (not a 3d one surprise!!)


Step 2: Print Your Image of Choice Onto Paper

Print your desired stickers onto paper(Try and get as much on as possible)

If you want the stickers that I made the word document is attatched.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Images

To cut out your images (if you have placed them next to each other) in strips to save tape

Step 4: Add the Backing Tape

To add the backing tape flip your image strip over and apply double sided sticky tape in strips (DONT OVERLAP THE DOUBLE SIDED STICKY TAPE) like in the picture.

Step 5: Adding the Glossy Front Finish

To add the glossy front finish stick normal tape over the front (You can overlap this tape)

Step 6: Cut Them Out!!!

Now all you need to do is cut them out!!

Thank you for reading this instructable, please like and post if you made some!!!

Thank you!!

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    6 months ago on Step 2

    Pretty basic principle that many have probably never considered doing, Cool idea and even cooler that you added an easy link to your images! One stop instructable!

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