DIY Cheap FPV Wireless Goggles

Introduction: DIY Cheap FPV Wireless Goggles

this instructable will show you how you can make very simple FPV Goggles in less than 1 hour. this cheap wireless FPV GOGGLES powered by 4.3 TFT and 5.8ghz video reciever.
you can use this fpv system with your UAV, robot, car or anything you can think about.

click here to see the FPV system work.

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Step 1: Required Parts

Step 2: Connecting All the Parts

building the goggles

at the first step, you need to cut the foam box on 2 sides, 1 side for the 4.3 tft and the second side for your face.

after you place the display in the box, you can use its stand to hold the reciever.

place the battery on the top of the goggles and try to place it close to your face (its heavy..).

the battery already have 2 outputs, so you can just connect everythig together and make a test.

building the camera side.

the camera side need to have 3 parts:

transmitter, ccd camera, and battery.

you can use the battery of your drone or robot to power it up.

you can place the camera on the wireless pan and tilt rig and controll an angle of your view.

this project isn't done. i am going to make a lot of improvments so please subscribe for updates.



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    5 Discussions

    Wow and lol. Ofc i thought i had a good idea and i made start to make 2 pair of goggles from 1 foamcrate. And here it is too :) Ill throw somw instructions soonish. Tuumbs up for this wonderful cheap fpv goggles idea. Tu.

    yes there is a app for,

    but its better to use an android phone,becous of the OTG function and the abundance of APPs. look up ANDY`s RC

    on youtube he has done this already 2 years ago. its a british guy, amazingly smart

    nice man

    if i may say, tape it ferm with gaffa tape, then you got a rock solid fpv goggle

    i love it, i have the quantums V1 and the V2 almost 100 USD a pcs

    but its almost the same. hahaha