DIY Cheap Skill Game

Introduction: DIY Cheap Skill Game

Today I'm going to teach you how to make a very simple hand dexterity game .All you need is :
-light bulb socket and a 3.5v light bulb
-3 pieces of cable (about 15 cm long , with naked head )
-4.5v battery (or 3 AA batteries )
-2 pieces of florist wire ( one 40 cm long and the other 15 cm long)
-a carboard box with cover
-duct tape and scissors

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Step 1:

Take the short piece of florist wire as seen in the image (lazo).Make curves in the other piece of florist wire , as seen in the image (take care to leave enough free space so the "lazo" can go trough .

Step 2:

Insert one head of the longer wire in the "lazo". Make two holes in the cover of the box and insert the two heads of the longer wire inside.

Step 3:

Screw one head of on of the pieces of cable around one head of the florist wire. Bend the head of the wire backward and paste it with tape. On the second head of cable , just bend the head backwards and paste it with tape.

Step 4:

Screw two more pieces of cable around the two pins of the light bulb socket. Dont worry in the image is just another way to do it , it's no need to do that.

Step 5:

Make a new hole in the cover of the box , big enough for the light bulb . Now push the light bulb inside and paste the light bulb socket with tape so the light bulb will stay in place.

Step 6:

Make a small hole in the cover and insert one cable of the light bulb socket inside . The other side paste at one pin of the battery . Now the wire that we pasted to the wire , wrap it around the other pin of the battery . 

Step 7:

Put the battery inside the box and the cables too . Put the cover on top of the box .Now with the cable that we left outside : wrap it's head around the free side of the "lazo " and that's it. DONE.

Step 8:

How to play the game: it's very easy . Just get the "lazo" from one side to the other , without touching the wire . When you touch the wire , the bulb will light and you lose.It's easy and it's fun when you have nothing to do .

Step 9:


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