DIY Checkered Detail Lolita Collar



Introduction: DIY Checkered Detail Lolita Collar

This is a simple way to give your collar a little something extra to look at.

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Step 1: Make Your Collar

If you have not already made one please see check my previous post for the tutorial.

Step 2: Checkered Pattern Collar

To make this pattern is we will sew button holes and weave ribbon through them. the smaller your ribblon the more detailed you pattern can be.

Step 3: Measure Button Holes

Measure the length of how far across you would like the pattern to go. I made mine 11in

Step 4: Do Some Math

Depending on how detailed your pattern will be. Decide how many button holes you will use and how long they will be to determine how many rows of the pattern you would need.

When you have your first length measurement. choose a number a equally divde the space you have.

My measurnet was 11. I did 11 holes each 1in apart and 1inch long.
this way when I weave in my ribbon I have two rows.

*Please note that when measuring the size of you button hole that about a qaurter of that measurement is not used when you cut the hole open.

Step 5: Sew Button Holes

Proceed to sew the holes and cut them.

Step 6: Weave in the Ribbon

weave the ribbon through the holes. When a row is done flip the ribbon, tack it down and proceed tho the next row . After you have done all of the rows sew down the the ribbons and your done.

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