DIY Chess Board/Pieces

Introduction: DIY Chess Board/Pieces

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Step 1: Construction of Board

Supplies: Durable board/platform, 32 blue tiles and 32 red tiles, and plaster. First get the platform for your board. Then lay the plaster smoothly and evenly across the whole board. Then alternate the red and blue tiles. Go across 8 tiles and repeat (a normal chess board has 8 x 8 squares). Then cut off excess space of board.

Step 2: Construction of Pieces

Supplies: oven baked clay (black and white), candy chess piece molds, an oven, and an exacto-knife. Push clay into molds. Remove piece and cut off excess clay with exacto-knife. Attatch two halves of a piece together. Place all chess pieces onto tray. Bake pieces for 1 hour at 275 degrees.

Step 3: Play!!!

Set up your pieces correctly on board and play your friend!!

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