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Introduction: DIY Chicken Waterer for $10 or Less

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I am making a waterer for my poultry: 4 guineas, 4 ducks, and 4 hens.  I also need a feeder, but , since I don't have them yet, I will make the feeder after the waterer, which is harder. I cant buy one, because it is usually too expensive. This will show you how to make a chicken waterer for $10  or less with things that you have in your home and things you can buy under 5 or 10 dollars.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools:                                      Materials:

Drill                                          Hawaiian Punch Bottle
Drill Bit                                     Fish Tank  Air Hosing 
Hot Glue Gun                         Water bottle
Hot Glue                                  Duct Tape

Step 2: Make It! It's So Easy!

First, you need to drill a hole in the bottom center or off center of the Hawaiian Punch bottle and, using the end of the paintbrush, push the air hosing in.  Now, using the pencil, punch a hole in the lid of the water bottle. Push in the air hosing. Next, using hot glue, seal around the hosing. Using scissors, cut an opening, and cover the sharp edges with duct tape. You now have a waterer!

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Now, you can take air dry clay and make a small brick.  Then attach it somehow (I glued it) to the bottom of the water bottle. This will help it from tipping over and rolling away.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I never thought of that, althogh because of water flow, I am going to seal the hose in the water bottle with tape and and punch holes to control water flow.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    cool idea. I have made several different types or waterers myself but have found something now that makes it much easier - go on ebay and you can find nipple waterers for about 50 cents each. you just drill the right size hole in any plastic container and insert the nipple, fill with water and you are ready to go.