DIY Chocolate Chips

Introduction: DIY Chocolate Chips

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Relatively cheap to make these chocolate chips are the perfect blend of salty and sweet.

This is a quick and easy treat that only has a couple of steps.

Ingredients :

- Chips that are easy to dip- Original/ salted flavours preferred (such as Pringles)

- Chocolate squares -semi-sweet,or dark preferred ( such as Baker's chocolate )

- 1-2 tsp butter/margarine

- Sugar -1-2tsb (add as much to your own taste )

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Step 1: Steps 1-4: Assembly of Deliciousness

I could put all of the steps on a separate page but each step has the equivalent of a 1 liner, or 2

so instead of being tedious, here you go, all at once!

Step 1: Ingredients Assemble !

Assemble the ingredients needed, as well as a small sauce pot, a wood spoon, a baking tray, and some tinfoil.

Step 1 a: Prep the Pan!

Grab a baking sheet, and line it with tinfoil

Step 2: Make the Chocolate Dip! (fig 1)

Melt a small amount of butter in a pan on low heat, throw in your chocolate chunks/squares

Continuously stir the chocolate/ butter mixture until all chocolate has melted (still low heat)

Once melted, taste test- if not sweet enough, add a little sugar to taste desired

Step 3: Dip Yer Chip!

Grab a chip (fig 2) and swoop it through the dip, for extra chocolate on the chip, turn the chip over and swoop the other way. (carefully, the pot is hot so don't burn your self, i.e don't touch the pan insides)

Let the chip dribble a bit so there isn't a trail of chocolate, and then transfer the dipped chip to the pan of tinfoil. (fig 3)

Stir the chocolate dip between each chip to keep it easily scoop-able

Continue the cycle until you either: a) run out of chips, b) run out of dip c) run out of pan space or d) run out of fridge space(see below)

{Note: when placing chips, its not a bad idea to make sure they are separated, if they are too close together the chocolate will harden 2 adjacent chips together}

Step 4: Cool 'Em Down (to harden them up)!

Place a full tray of dipped chips in an appropriate amount of allotted space in your refrigerator, let stand in the fridge for at least half-an-hour. longer is also fine. (fig 4)

{Note: long-term storage in the fridge not advised, after a couple of days the chips might get soggy in the moist fridge}

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy!

After waiting approximately half-an hour, Bring out the tray of goodies and nom until your heart's content :D

Voila !! you have created chocolate chips!!

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