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This week I decided to make DIY chokers they are honestly super easy to make! Each of them has a faux pearl, created from scratch :) I can't help it, but I really enjoy making jewelry just for fun. Sometimes it's not about having the neatest and most detailed piece which will last you a lifetime (although that's great too). Sometimes it's nice to just get creative no matter what and not to take stuff too seriously, just have fun in the process and don't worry about messing it up :) That's my approach to it at the moment anyway :)

I actually own a fair bit of jewelry making tools, but I assume most of you guys don't have jewelry making stuff (as I guess not everyone wants to make jewelry all the time) and that's why I came up with an easy way of making these DIY necklaces with no professional jewelry making tools. I am using wire cutters, but you can swap it for any old wire cutting tool found in your dad's or husband's tool box or even heavy duty scissors to cut the wire and strong nail scissors to bend wire! See the list of materials I used for the DIY chokers.

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Step 1: You Can Watch This Video for More Details

Step 2: Materials Used

DIY chokers - materials:

Blue pearl: Copper wire (20 gauge non tarnish from Palmers Metals): 12cm(5") + about 1" for each finding(hook and the loop)

Blue/green pearlescent nail varnish and clear nail varnish

Swarovski blue AB bicon bead (4mm)

Hot glue

blue ribbon

nail scissors, wire cutters, a brush handle

White pearl: Gold plated copper wire (20 gauge non tarnish from Palmers Metals):12cm(5") + about 1" for each finding(hook and the loop)

White, white pearlescent nail varnish and clear nail varnish

Swarovski clear AB bicon bead (4mm)

Hot glue

All purpose adhesive(glue)

white ribbon

nail scissors, wire cutters, a brush handle

Pink pearl: Silver plated copper wire (20 gauge non tarnish from Palmers Metals):12cm(5") + about 1" for each finding(hook and the loop)

Pink pearlescent nail varnish and clear nail varnish

Hot glue

pink ribbon

nail scissors, wire cutters, a brush handle

Step 3: Make the Base

Cut about 5" of wire and create a spiral - use your wire cutters to hold the spiral while you are turning the wire around. Create about 4-5 rounds, then use your fingers to hold it instead of the wire cutters. You will notice there will be marks on the wire from the wire cutters, but that's what we want! :) This will be the base for glue later and it will help to hold the glue better. And because you then turn the wire around(2 more rounds) with your fingers, only the unmarked wire will be visible at the end :)

I then took my nail scissors and bent the rest of the wire sideways. I added a swarovski bead, then bent the wire just above the bead downwards a bit (with my nail) and again using nail scissors I created an oval shape loop and cut the rest of the wire off. If you will be putting this pendant on a chain, make sure the loop is big enough to get it through ;)

Step 4: Finishing the Pendant

Rest the pendant base on level surface, the best thing is to stick it to the surface with a double sided tape or something rather than holding it like I did, as it gets hot hot hot! :) Apply a generous amount of hot glue and make sure it covers all the marked surface of the wire. Then let it cool down.

Once it's cold, you can start painting it with your favourite nail varnish. And keep the windows open, you know what it's like to paint your nails! ;) Haha ventilation is the key :)

Blue pearl: 3 coats of the blue nail varnish and finished it off with 1 coat of clear nail varnish

White pearl: 2 coats of white, 2 coats of white pearlescent, 1 coat of clear

Pink pearl: 2 coats of pink pearlescent(mine was really opaque) and 1 coat of clear nail varnish.

If you manage to get the nail polish on any of the wire, either get a nail correction pen or just a nail polish remover on a tiny piece of cloth to remove it.

Let all the coats dry properly, I would suggest at least 3 days.

Step 5: Make the Ribbon Into a Choker

Get two small pieces of wire (about an inch long) and lets make the finings.

I'm starting with the loop by wrapping one end of the wire around a brush handle, cutting the rest of it off to make it nice and round and then bending it with my wire cutters. I also used wire cutters to mark the wire to give it a rough surface ready for the glue. Of course there is no need to mark the loop itself.

The other piece of wire is then used to make a hook and this time I used my little nail scissors to bend it and then again wire cutters to mark the wire for the gluing process.

Wrap the ribbon around your neck and measure it for length, make sure you allow about an inch more on each side, because we will be folding it on the ends.

Pierce each finding through the ribbon, and apply either hot glue or any strong(flexible) adhesive to the marked wire, then press the two ends of ribbon together with the wire in-between them.

Use your wire cutters to open the loop of the pendant add the ribbon and close it again.

And that is the end :)

I hope you give these a try, like I said, they are fun to make :)

Step 6: Watch This Tutorial for More Details



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