DIY || Chopper Motocycle From Electronic Parts ||

Introduction: DIY || Chopper Motocycle From Electronic Parts ||

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DIY .. A decorative motorcycle chopper made of electronic components. If you want to make out just follow my steps as you see in the video..

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Step 1: Construction Materials

Τhe materials you need to construct is :

1. Copper wire >2.5mm^2

2. Small DC Motor 3Volt

3. Two LEDs for lights

4. Two Batteries 1.5Volt each

5. Two Coils for wheels

6. Two Power Transistors and two small Transistors

7. Capacitor

8. Insulation from wire, for handles

9. Power Switch off/on

10. Red and Black wire < 1mm^2

11. Resistor for exhaust

Step 2: Tools

Τhe required tools :

  1. Hot glue gun
  2. Iron soldering
  3. Scissors
  4. Lead Soldering Solder Wire Pliers
  5. Pliers

The Motorcycle can not run but the Lights can be open and the small dc Motor can be operated as you see from the pictures.

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