DIY Christmas Phone Case


I recently went on the haunt for a Christmas themed phone case and they were either too expensive, or just simple BLAH! so i decided to make my own. It was so simple since I already had all the material I needed.

To watch the tutorial on how I made it check it out here:

Step 1: Find a Clear Phone Case and Decorate!

So finding a clear phone case was very easy I ordered one from ebay but you can find it anywhere in the mall.

Next I found some gartland that I had and cut up a small piece and glued it on with some hot glue.

Step 2: More Decoration!

Then I found some more small cute ornaments. I cut them in half since they were made of foam and then glued them around the gartland

Step 3: Need More Phone Case Ideas?

And that's it, you can be super creative and add on your own decor on the phone or just keep it simple.

If you need more christmas phone case ideas, check out my tutorial where i made a candy cane phone case ;)

Merry Christmas!!



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