DIY: Christmas Stocking Holder

Introduction: DIY: Christmas Stocking Holder

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Today I'll be making a Christmas Stocking Holder using old drawer knobs. I saw a picture of one of these in the magazine 'The Country Sampler', and knew it was right up our alley.

This picture is the finished product. Looks neat huh? Well let's make it! First thing I did was gather up some knobs for the project. I needed 4 - my wife, daughter, myself, and of course the dog. I had one knob left over from a project I had completed before. The other three I picked up at our favorite store - Vintage Hardware here in Astoria. We mix matched them - you can do what looks best to you.

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Step 1: Cut the Board

Cut a board the length you need. I used a scrap piece of 4"x2"x1/2" tongue and groove that was laying around. It's a little banged up and chipped - adds character! Going for antique, not IKEA.

Step 2: Frame It

Then cut strips for framing around the board. This is really just for looks and isn't really needed. Just adds more character.

Miter the corners and then wood glue and brad to your board. I didn't use one along the bottom because of the split. That's fine - again, more character.

You can leave it as is. I had to add more style and personality to the piece by routing the edges. Just adds that little bit more to it.

Step 3: Pick Out the Knobs and Paint It

These are the knobs that me and the wife picked out. We mixed matched them. But again, this is entirely up to you and what fits your style.

Measure out equal distances between all the knobs your using and pre-drill holes for the screws so that after you paint you still know where the knobs go. (you'll be painting over your pencil marks - but you knew that)

Step 4: Sand It and Apply the Knobs

Well here it is. Paint dried, sanded, and knobs applied! It is an easy project and one that will add character to your mantle just in time for those Christmas stocking stuffers.


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