DIY Christmas Tree




Introduction: DIY Christmas Tree

here i will show you how to make your very own little light up Christmas tree

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Step 1: Suplies

You will need:

-1 Styrofoam cup (any size you desire)

-1 small shot sized plastic cup

-exact-o knife

-set of light (any kind you desire)

-paint brush

-Green and brown paint for the tree.

-a paper bowl( any color paint to decorate it)

-rapping paper(any kind)

-scotch tape and ribbon

-Super glue.

Step 2: Making the Holes

Use the knife to poke holes in the cup where ever you want then to go. make sure you count how many lights there are so you know how many wholes to put in the cup. Now cut the top of the cup out.

Step 3: Painting the Cup.

Use the green paint and a brush to paint the cup, covering the whole thing, just not the inside.

Step 4: The Lights

After the paint dries, run the light through the bottom and out through the top of cup bunching them side and making the lights fit and so the wires are not sticking out the top or bottom.

Do the lights fit? if not keep messing with them(it took me a few times).If you got the lights to fit start feeding them through the wholes wherever you want a color to be.

Step 5: Decorations!

You can add your own little decorations and do what you want with it, have fun with it.

Step 6: The Base:

Now for the base of the tree!

You can grab a paper bowl and a small plastic cup for this one. You will also need paint, again any color you want its your tree.

Step 7: Assembling the Base:

Now! Grab the small plastic cup and place it in the center of the bow,l using super glue or hot glue to hold it down.

Step 8: Base Decoration:

now that the glue is dry you can decorate your base. Use whatever colors or designs you want to make it look good. Be creative and have fun with it.

Step 9: The"present"

On your light set if there is battery pack witch there most likely will be then its time we wrap it.

You will need scotch tape, warping paper, and ribbon.

start by taping the batteries down, make sure you you don't use electrical tape.

Now you just wrap it like you were to wrap a present. just cut wholes out for the cord and the switch.

Step 10: The Finish:

Now that your tree is made and your "present" is wrapped all you have to do is find some where to put it. i hope you enjoyed making this.

Please leave questions, comments, and coroners down below.

Thank you.

Id also like to see what your turnout were so post pics if you like.

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute class project idea :)