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Introduction: DIY Christmas Wreath

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It's nearly Christmas... I've got everything ready... WAIT! My Christmas wreath! Why don't I just DIY one? All you need is;

* A big piece of carton/A cardboard box

* Old Christmas tree decorations

* Tinsels

* Pine cones

* A glue gun and lots of glue for it

* Scissors

* Glitter

* Normal glue

* A Sharpie

* A stapler

Ok. Let's start!

Step 1: The Base

First, you need to cut your box so it's a big rectangle of cardboard. Then find a big pot lid and a smaller pot lid. The big one will be used to trace the base and the small one will be used to trace the hole you want in the middle. You can use any size. Ok. You need to place the big lid on your cardboard, and trace around it with a Sharpie. Then, remove the big lid and place the small lid in the middle. Trace around this one, too. The smaller circle is going to be cut out with a crafts knife. You want to put some cardboard or just a cutting board under the circle, so when you cut it out with your craft knife you don't scratch your table/floor while cutting. Cut it out in quarters. This way it's easier to cut than cutting it out whole. Now cut along the outer line with some scissors. If there is some parts that bend, cut some cardboard and stick it there. I recommend you trim it to the shape of the base before you glue it. Use the glue gun to glue the "supporters" to the base. Now the base is finished!

Step 2: Decorating Your Base

We have the base, but... we need to put something on it! First we'll staple a strong wire/tinsel to the back of our base, so we can hang it up. It's much harder to staple it after we have everything on our base. Turn it right side up and take a tinsel. I prefer thinner ones, but any kind is ok. Glue it around your base. If you want, you can glue one on the outside and one on the inside, but I just glue one on the outside and then do some magical finishing touches. ;) After  gluing your tinsel/s around the edge/s, it's time to get your pine cones and tree decorations! You wanna get a pine cone and put glue with your glue gun on the flat-ish part of the bottom, and put a lot, so they stick better. You can put a topper on the top of your wreath, like a little Santa ornament. I didn't have any left, so I just used a heart. I put some little ball balls in between the pine cones, and to stick them, you want to pull of the metal bit on the top and replace it with glue. Cover the area around it with glue, too, and then push it into the cardboard. Go on like this until your base is full. But you'll see that there is some places where you can see the cardboard. Not to worry though, we've got a solution. Put some glue from your gun or normal glue, although glue gun glue holds better, where you can see the cardboard. Stick little pieces of tinsel where you put glue. Ta-da! But we're not finished just yet... There's a secret ingredient... GLITTER! You need to hold your normal glue over the  pine cone, and while you squeeze, swirl it around over the pine cone. Then shake your "glitter shaker" over it. When you're done shaking the glitter  shaker, blow on the pine cone to get rid of any excess glitter. Do all your pine cones, or as many  as you wish, like this, and you can use many different colors, or just one color. Or no glitter at all. Now, you're done. But you still need to put it on your door, and if you don't want to put a nail on your door, I'm here to offer another technique.

Step 3: Putting It on Your Door

You don't wanna put a nail on your door, but then how are you gonna put your wreath on it? Well, staple it! Staple it to the top of your door, where no one can see! It's a perfect solution. Now your wreath is complete, and so is your house.

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    I'm glad you do! It's a great way to use old ornaments you don't want any more. Upcycling ornaments! ;)