DIY Christmas Mailbox

Introduction: DIY Christmas Mailbox

How to make a Christmas mailbox. You can store your Christmas cards here! Have fun building!

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

A box
        about the shape of mine, I got this box at Ocean State Job lot  for a few bucks
2 Push-in Hinges
        off an old box, if you can't find any Lowes should have some
A cover for the box
A tack or pin
Paint crayons or any decorative items
Magnets ( optional if you want a flag )

Step 2: Cut

Cut three of the sides on the cover off leaving the fourth on the top.

Step 3: Hinges

Depending on what kind of hinge you found ( or bought ) you will either need to put the hinge on the inside or outside of the cover/door. Mark holes with a pencil of where you will push in the hinge. Make small holes with the tack on the dots. Then you can push in the hinges on the box and bend the extra metal on the other side with pliers then do the next side on the door/cover.

Step 4: Flag ( Optional )

Use one of the extra sides of the cover to cut the shape of a flag. If it's not already red, you can paint it red. Glue two magnets onto the flag, one on the top one on the bottom and space them about 2 inches apart  and make sure the positives are both facing outward. Then glue three magnets on the inside of the box ( also space them about 2 inches apart ). When glue is dry you should be able to put the flag up and down.

Step 5: Decorate

Decorate! You can paint or put stickers on whatever you want.

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