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Chrysanthemum Bowl is so cute and this easy origami Chrysanthemum Bowl is no different. The best part about this paper Chrysanthemum Bowl is that it is so easy to make: you can fold yourself a collection in no time!

Step 1 : Fold up and flatten along the creases.

Step 2 : Make a crease and open out.

Step 3 : Flatten along the crease.

Step 4 : Repeat the same fold with all the other pleats.

Step 5 : Fold flap inside.

Step 6 : Repeat the same folds with all the other flaps.

Step 7 : Make creases.

Step 8 : Inside reverse fold.

Step 9 : Repeat the same folds with all the other pleats.

Step 10 : Fold flap down.

Step 11 : Repeat the same with all the other flaps.

Step 12 : Make a crease and pull out gently at top.

Step 13 : Push up and flatten the bottom as you pull. And you're done!

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