DIY Clam Shell Wind Chime




Why buy a shell chime when you can easily make one?

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Step 1: Prepare the Following Materials....

1) empty clam shells which are washed and cleaned (I cleaned it by soaking it in water and little laundry detergent for about an hour then soaking it in fabric softener and water for another hour just to get rid of the smell and not to attract insects)
2) a pointed screw and screwdriver to create a hole in each shell
3) twine
4) old bracelet
5) glue gun

Step 2: Creating a Hole in the Careful With Each Shell

Place a pointed screw in a shell ( with smooth surface of the shell facing up, and the rough surface facing down). Gently strike (few gentle strikes) the screw with the screwdriver to create a hole in the shell. Have lots of empty shells because some shells break and some are sturdy enough.

Step 3: Placing the Shells in Each Piece of Twine

Cut 5 pieces of twine (or how many pieces you prefer) that measures 28-30 inches each (or depending on the length you prefer) Put enough allowance for the knots you will make for each pair of shells.

Step 4: Putting the Pieces Altogether

Gather the 5 pieces of twine with attached shells on it and then tie them in an old bracelet. Conceal the knots of the twine (which are attached to the bracelet) with the remaining shells. Use hot glue to attach shells around the bracelet. Cut another 2 pieces of twine measuring 12 inches each and tie them in the bracelet so that you can hang it anywhere. Use hot glue after you tie up the two twines so that it stays secure as you hang it. So there! You now have a nice chime decor made of shells. You may put more embellishments (such as beads or glitters) or just keep it simple. ;)

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