DIY Clamps (from a Pipe) - DIY Tools

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Intro: DIY Clamps (from a Pipe) - DIY Tools

Today I show you how to make clamps from a PVC pipe.

You need to fasten (something) in place with a clamp....this tutorial will help....

DIY Clamps (from a pipe)on YouTube

A clamp is a fastening device to hold or secure objects tightly together to prevent movement or separation through the application of inward pressure. In the United Kingdom and Australia, the term cramp is often used instead when the tool is for temporary use for positioning components during construction and woodworking.

Exercise CAUTION when sawing !!

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    2 years ago

    Wenn du da noch durchbohrst und eine lange Schraube und Flügelschraube/Mutter jeweils unten und oben befestigst, kannst du sogar noch den Druck erhöhen :-)

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    2 years ago

    There is something special about creative simplicity. Well done.

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