DIY Color Change Led, Wood, Epoxy Resin, Carbon Desk Lamp

Introduction: DIY Color Change Led, Wood, Epoxy Resin, Carbon Desk Lamp


Materials & tools:

A piece of branch, a piece 19mm beech wood, pencil, tape, Scotch tape, 5mm drill, countersink drill, screwdriver, dremel, milling cutter, sanding pad, jigsaw, table saw, super glue, 3 RGB slow colour changing LED's, solder, wire, syringe, disposable gloves, epoxy resin, black pigments, scissor, milling machine, batteriecase, switch, shrinking tube, lighter, soldering iron, 35mm screw, gram scale, stir stick, mixing cup, paintbrush, carbon fabric 195g qm köper binding,180 grid sandpaper, 400 grid wetsandpaper, hairdryer,

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Step 1: First Steps

Start with a piece a branch wich is coated twice with epoxy resin. Use a roll tape as a spacer and mark a base on a piece of beech. Mark the stand on the base and saw the base out. Drill three holes for the LED's in the piece of branch and rub the surface with a dremel. Wide up the holes for the LED's and rub the entire surface with a sanding pad.

Step 2: LED's, Batteriecase & Switch

Solder cables to the LED's and fix then with superglue in the branch. Wrap scotch tape around it and let holes on the top. Now mix clear epoxy resin and fill the resin into the holes and let it dry. Remove the scotch tape and carve the surface with a dremel. Round the top of the base with a milling machine. Mark the place for the batterie compartment, the switch and the holes for the LED's. Now drill the holes and space you need for the batteriecase. Solder cables to the switch & the batteriecase.

Step 3: The Carbon

Drill a hole through the base and into the piece of branch. Use a sinkerdrill at the hole on the underside. Mix epoxy resin, add black pigments and brush it on the base. Remove bubbles with a lighter and let the resin get tacky. Now place a matching piece of carbon fibre and press it carefully on the base. Fix the carbon around the side with tape. mix a bit epoxy and pour it on the top of the base, remove bulles with a lighter and let it dry.
Remove the excess carbon with a scissor and smooth the underside. Remove the excess resin in the batterie compartment and drill the holes for the cables from the LED's. Smooth the base with 180 grid sandpaper and clean it. Mix epoxy resin and brush the base and the piece branch.

Step 4: The Finish

Screw the base and the top together. Mix epoxy resin and brush it. Remove bubbles with a hairdryer and let it dry. Smooth it with 400 grid wet sandpaper. Brush it again with resin and remove bubbles. Solder the LED's together and solder them to the switch & batteriecase. Enjoy your work and look at my other work.

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