DIY Color Filter for Your Camera



This is a great (and cheap!) way add great color effects to your photos


Step 1: The Materials

You Need:

1. clear plastic bags (pictured below)
2. Permanent Markers
3. A camera (of course)

Step 2: Making the Filters

Take your markers and color in a big area on your plastic bags. Then let them dry (this should not take long).

I have only used red, blue, and black(black doesn't work, the flash didn't shine through).

Please let me know if you find any other colors that work well, I will add to this if I do.

Step 3: How to Use Them (Like I Do)

First fold them in half with the side you colored on facing inward. Now hold the colored area over the flash on your camera and take your picture.

Note: Make sure that the part that you colored on is facing inward so that the color does not smear on your camera, even though the color should be dried by this point.



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