DIY Colored Side Comb (July 4th)

Introduction: DIY Colored Side Comb (July 4th)

Colored side combs can give a plain looking hairstyle a beautiful look. To accomplish this, you will need:

1. Side Comb

2. Embroidery Threads in different assorted colors

3. Scissors

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Step 1: Measure Threads

Measure about 2 feet (0.6 meters) of each of the colored thread. Do not separate the threads, but keep them in tack.

Step 2: Attach Thread to Comb

Taking on end of the thread, tie a knot to the very first spacing at the end of the side comb

Step 3: Loop Thread

Start by looping the embroidery thread around each of the space in the side comb. Try not to overlap the thread on each other. Also make sure not to leave any spacing. You can do this by using your finger tips to push the threads together as you loop them.

Step 4: Adding New Thread

When you have looped the thread to your desired distance, attach a new thread by knotting it to the previous thread.

Step 5: Continue Looping

Continue looping and attaching as many different thread as needed

Step 6: Secure End of Thread

To end the thread, tie another knot.

Cut off thread with a scissors

Step 7: Finished Result

Here is the finished results

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