DIY Component Organizer- Re-purposing Ti`s Samples Box As a Storage Box

Introduction: DIY Component Organizer- Re-purposing Ti`s Samples Box As a Storage Box

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I sample some of the electronic components i use as a hobbyist from TI. Since most of my work is around MSP430 micro-controllers, Its just great to have them sampled and TI is happy to give them away. It really saves costs.

Since most of us, Have a lot of components to take care for which we use drawers,plastic boxes and some use special component boxes.I choose this component box as its very sturdy and pretty much survives the Cross Continent shipment.
In this instructable, We will make our own flip cover component box using an Old TI samples box!

The stuff you require is pretty much redundant. But for the sake, the list is as follows
  1. Tape Dispenser
  2. Paper Cutter
  3. Sketchpen
  4. Ruler
  5. Old samples box
So, Hope you have it on the table.. Then Lets get started!

Step 1: Mark and Cut

Mark the box with a sketch pen and a scale as shown.
For the dimensions leave around 2cm from all four corners and draw a square box as shown.
Then draw the tiny triangle on the bottom for flipping it open. I chose the sides of the triangle to be 2cm , you can choose suitably.

Cut the box as shown.. i.e don`t cut the third side
Now for the side that you did not cut.. Keeping your hand on the marked line just fold it up, like you would do to a normal paper. It more like putting a crease!
Now we will make the cut for the finger, so that we can ergonomically flip it open.

Step 2: Triangle Cut

Cut the triangle you previously marked.
Its important to note that you can make them on the other side as well if you are left handed. Better make it both sides or simply make a square cut in the center. The choice is yours.. its your box! :D

Step 3: Trim and Tape

Now the next step is to slightly trim or smoothen the cut edges so that it open and closes nicely and smoothly!
Then just tape up the end you used to open the box using a cello tape. Its a bit more convenient to use the dispenser!

Next keep in mind a custom box name you would like for the next step!

Step 4: Put Your Logo/tag on the Box!

Now its time to name the box. I made this one for the LEDs so, I just wrote it and drew a small LED symbol..
You can experiment with other creative ideas as well!

Hope you liked the instructable! If you had any issues please let me know through the comments.


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