DIY Compressed Air Cannon

hello! i will be teaching you how to create and build a fully functional compressed air cannon! i do not have the exact measurements, however you can easily just find piping and put it together like me!

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Step 1: Materials

these are the parts I used. Consisting of a total of 10 parts, costing under 35$. I built this as a collaboration with my friends.

Step 2: Isolating

you will need to wrap the threads with tape or isolation tape in order to create an air tight canister

Step 3: Assembly

begin to thread and attach all the parts together to form a U shape. however, you can create this however you'd like!

Step 4: Valve

The valve used has a one way valve included. the air compressor is then hooked up to the branch to be pumped.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Don't exceed more than 140 psi. Have fun and be safe!

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