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Introduction: DIY Concrete Stepping Stones

We have the biggest front flower beds I have ever seen. Like 60+ bags of mulch a year big,whew! They were a jungle when we moved in but are much better now. Some original bushes and trees were salvageable and we added some flowers but it still needed something. Something like stepping stones...

Scroll down for easy DIY instructions on how to make these easy and inexpensive stepping stones for yourself from Ashley at

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Making these basic, round, concrete stepping stones is actually really easy and inexpensive.

What I used:

12″ round baking tins

non-stick cooking spray

bag of sand/topping concrete

I found the tins at a dollar store for 3 for a $1 so I bought enough to do the whole project at once but you could reuse the tins if you wanted to do smaller batches and have more patience then me. The cooking spray is just whatever I had in my kitchen and the concrete is from the big orange store and is a mixture that is better for applications like this that aren’t very thick and is a finer, sandier texture so it won’t fracture easily.

Step 2: The Prep Work

Spread out all your tins and spray them with the cooking spray then mix your concrete. My concrete was ready to pour when it was a thick muddy consistency.

Step 3: Pour Your Concrete Mix

Pour the wet concrete into all the tins and just pick them up an inch off the ground or so and dropthem a few times to even them out and get all the air bubbles out. Easy!

Step 4: Wait

Wait for them to dry.Once they are dry enough, just turn the tins upside down and they should come right out. I played around with mine and decided on a meandering path through each side of my flower bed and Voila!

Step 5: Enjoy

I decided to stick with a basic round stepping stone and they came in around $1 a piece. So worth it and really fun. I used the leftover concrete to patch some areas near our garage and make a garden stone with our hand and foot prints too!

You could also embellish your own stepping stones if you prefer more decoration by adding glass beads, shells or colorful stones to the bottom of the pan before pouring your concrete.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea to use the baking tins, I never would have thought! I'm sure we would all love to see some more pictures of the stepping stones in your other steps, but good job!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the comment. The baking tins made this project a breeze. I added a couple more "after" photos, thanks for the suggestion:)