DIY Concrete and Wood Table Lamp

Introduction: DIY Concrete and Wood Table Lamp

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There have been a lot of instructables giving great directions for making lamps out of concrete. This one make a small but in my opinion critical and cheap addition of wood in the plan. I hope that you agree it makes a difference. Enjoy making!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  1. fast coagulation concrete (about 2kg)
  2. a package for yogurt (1kg) but it can be any case with the shape you wish
  3. a piece of wood
  4. a cable for power supply for a lamp
  5. a switch
  6. a lamp of your taste (I choose a retro type of lamp)


  1. scissors
  2. cutter
  3. plier
  4. cutter
  5. a dremel or some other micro drill in order to cut and eventually sand the wood, polish the concrete

Step 2: Making the Wooden Base

For making the wooden base I suggest the following:

  1. make a circle with the diameter of the case as seen in the pictures
  2. cut the circle
  3. drill a hole at the side of the base so that the cable can come through
  4. the side of the wooden base, which would be stuck on the concrete should have parts, that would stick in the concrete (see the picture)

Step 3: Working With the Concrete With a Mold

  1. put the concrete powder in a bucket
  2. pour in water gradually and make a mix so that at the end, a "creme" of concrete come up
  3. pay attention that there are no thick pieces of concrete
  4. the cable should be in place
  5. after making the mixture without any hesitation place the base so that it stuck in the concrete - after "freezing" there would be no way to take it out without braking
  6. after a couple of hours is ready to take the cover out

Step 4: Repairs and Polishing

Unfortunately there can be some defects - like in my case.

In that case you could add some concrete to cover the holes.

After freezing polish!

Step 5: Some Work for Electrical Supply

Make the electrical circuit as seen in the picture.

ATTENTION. For those who have no experience with AC currnts please let somebody else do it. It can be deadly dangerous.

Step 6: Saving Your Furniture

You could add some protective sof materials at the bottom to avoid scratching your furniture by placing the lamp on it.

Have fun!

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