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A continuity tester it's a fundamental tool to have but if you are in a jam without one you can make one out of a simple door and window alarm in this project i show you how.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch the video and see how it works.

Step 2: Gather the Material

You will need for this project:

- Door & Window Alarm

- Two Pieces of Wire

Step 3: Get Started

This is a simple project just open apart the alarm and solder two wires between the battery and the reed switch and you're done, you can make the wires as long as you need.

When you close the circuit between the two wires the piezoelectric will buzzer teling that you have continuity.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

This is a simple tool to make and although it's not the ideal tool it works great, and if you are testing a connection that it's trigger by a switch for exemple but they are far apart the loud speaker it's really easy to ear.

Tell me on the comments below what applications you will use this for
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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    can you draw a schematic of the wiring connections to the reed switch and battery

    i have a door alarm when the magnet is removed the alarm goes off is this the same as you used

    Yes they are loud but you can always change that by adding a resistor to the speaker or removing one of the 3 cells battery and it does the trick.

    But in some occasions it's nice to have the speaker tone loud.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have disconnected the speaker wires hooked them to gator clips. They make for a nice signal injector when tracing bundles of phone, speaker, and cat5 cables. Works excellent with my inductive signal tracer.