DIY Corner Radius Templates




Introduction: DIY Corner Radius Templates

About: Hi I'm Kriss! I’m a 20-something that likes to build tools, jigs, and other random contraptions with wood.

A set of corner radius router templates is one the most useful accessories for the router table. This 'ible presents an easy way to make your own!

Stuff you need:

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Step 1: How It Works

To ensure perfect templates: a bearing guides the radius cut, then a jointing-action flattens the adjacent side. I drilled a hole for a view of the cutting action.

Step 2: Plans

Free plans for the jig are attached!

Step 3: Hijack a Bearing

The bearing of a flush trim router bit is removed. This will be used (temporarily) to make the templates!

Step 4: Pick Your Radius

Pick the radius you want, and place the bearing accordingly.

Step 5: Set Up the Jig (1 of 2)

The corner of the jig should be in contact with the bearing.

Step 6: Set Up the Jig (2 of 2)

The edge of the jig should be parallel to the workpiece.

Step 7: Routing Action!

Pivot the workpiece around to make the radius cut.

Step 8: Trim It

Cut the template at the mitre saw to any desired size.

Step 9: Drill It

Make a hole so you can hold onto the template while in use.

Step 10: Cut Aluminum Angle

Two aluminum bits form the edges. A length of aluminum angle is cut at the mitre saw. Aluminum machines quite well with regular woodworking tools.

Step 11: Drill the Aluminum

Create two screw holes in each aluminum piece.

Step 12: Complete the Template

Screw down the aluminum angles.

Step 13: Make Any Radius!

The jig can make any radius template you can imagine.

Step 14: Happy Routing!

HIGH FIVE for reading!

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Really neat idea. I like the use of the tool that you are making the jigs for.


    3 years ago

    Very cool. I've had a router for a long time but not really used it in any depth--this will help get over that hurdle. Thanks for such clear instructions!


    3 years ago

    Thanks for posting more here Kriss! This one's definitely on my "to make" list


    3 years ago

    I really enjoy your instructables, than you for posting this. Hope you make more (I have subscribed to you on YouTube also).

    That straight edge you used to measure 3/4" from the edge... do you happen to have a link to that? Very cool!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Here's a link to the ruler:


    3 years ago

    Very nice. Thanks!

    Cool idea with the "peephole" :-)