DIY "Countryside" Chandelier Using Bread Basket and LED Ceiling Light

Introduction: DIY "Countryside" Chandelier Using Bread Basket and LED Ceiling Light

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I bought 4 pack led ceiling light to upgrade our under cabinet lights in the kitchen. But as turned out, 3 lights were exactly what I needed, so I had one extra remaining. After looking around the kitchen and checking my junk drawer, I come to this quick and elegant solution, which is super easy to repeat and no special skills or tools are required.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1. LED ceiling light, I've used these, they have warm white color, no flickering and no heating.

2. Bread basket. I've used cheapest PVC one, which was bought in local discount store long time ago. Just make sure your basket fits your led ceiling light in diameter (My basket is approximately 12 inches in diameter)

3. Some insulated wire. I had an 22AWG PTFE insulated wire lying around. You can use almost any, just make sure it is flexible

4. Ceiling bulb socket base, I had it in my junk drawer, it looks like this:

5. Handbag chain handle, you can use any chain, rope, etc, just take one which fits your style most.

6. Some wrapping wire, you might also have lot of them, they are used to fix cords in tv's, etc.


1. Utility knife

2. Insulating tape

Step 2: Making and Enjoying It!

Pictures are sorted in proper sequence, so you can just follow them, not much reading needed.

1. Put your wire thru the chain, leave at least 2-3 inches at each end.

2. Bend chain in the middle, and squeeze center part with your fingers so it crosses itself, as shown on the pictures.

3. Guide that crossed part thru the center of ceiling socket mount center.

4. Bend that crossed part sideways, so it is now fixed inside the mount.

5. Cut off the socket from ceiling lamp, and attach wrapping wires to it as shown on the picture.

6. Guide wires thru the basket, use wrapping wires to fix ceiling light to the basket.

7. Attach chain to the edges of the basket. Guide wires from chain thru the basket

8. Using utility knife, cut ceiling light wire and connect wires from chain to it. You should note which color goes to which side, if you mess with polarity, light won't work.

9. Insulate wires with insulating tape.

10. Now go to the top and reconnect wires there also, minding the polarity and carefully insulating them.

11. You're done, enjoy your new lamp! (This is not my actual kitchen, that is mockup "room" at photo studio.

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