DIY Craft - How to Make a Satin Butterfly in Few Easy Steps!



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Give your crafty side a totally new dimension with this beautiful and easy Craft. Watch this complete step by step tutorial on how to make a satin ribbon butterfly in a few easy steps! Yes! Although it may sound unbelievable to you, no other paper craft is as easy as making this beautiful satin ribbon accessories.

With girl's accessories so high in demand everywhere, this satin ribbon butterfly is the most amazing and best DIY Project Idea for kid's crafts as well. From home decorations to gift wrapping, from pasting it on your summer dresses to using it for your kid's craft projects, this easy Do it Yourself Craft at home will give you endless options!

Step 1: Material Required to Make the Satin Ribbon Butterfly!

There are quite a few craft basics that can help you make this beautiful satin ribbon butterfly in a few minutes!

Satin Ribbons:

Baby Pink & Magenta / Dark Pink- 2.5 cm wide

Yellow - 4 cm wide

Craft Glue


Craft Wire


Step 2: Make the Wings for the Butterfly!

Cut and fold a 5 cm satin ribbon piece of baby pink ribbon.

In the same way, cut a 6 cm dark pink satin ribbon and fold it.

Overlap it, onto the light pink ribbon.

Keeping in mind the size of these 2 ribbons, cut the yellow ribbon accordingly.

Step 3: Build Your Craft.

Join them together to form the wings of the butterfly.

Take a small piece of dark pink satin ribbon and use it to cover the joint of the wings, in the center.

Step 4: Add the Decorative Look!

Take a craft wire and insert a pearl into it. Tie a knot in the wire to lock the pearl in place.

Attach the wire in the center of the butterfly to make the antenna.

Step 5: Watch the Tutorial on How to Make a Satin Ribbon Butterfly!

A simple and easy do it yourself craft and a fun craft activity for kids, this elegant and beautiful Satin ribbon butterfly is amazingly colorful and feminine to look at!What’s more, you can also use this wonderful looking satin ribbon butterfly to decorate your hairstyle also.

Just stick it on a hair band and there you have a fabulous looking DIY hair accessory ready for your baby girl! Make this easy butterfly and decorate your dresses and frocks or a bride’s tiara and make it a part of your Sewing Projects.



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