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Introduction: DIY Crafts : How to Make Origami Piano

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If you wish to learn how to make an origami piano, this step by step tutorial of Origami Piano will help you a great deal. If school teachers wish to give a fun DIY art and craft project for kids, then this Origami Piano is the ultimate craft idea for kids.

Easy paper crafts ideas for kids are always searched for, by parents and teachers. Make this Origami paper craft a part of your quick DIY projects ideas for kids and let them enjoy and make creative and beautiful origami paper crafts

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Step 1: Gather Your Craft Supplies!

The best part about Origami Paper models is that they do not require any kind of special craft suplplies. To make this Paper Piano you need:

Color paper


Crafty Glue



Black Pen

Step 2: Learn Paper Folding Techniques!

Paste 2 colored papers with each other or use a dual colored single sheet of colored paper.

Fold the paper twice in half and make the needed crease.

Fold the paper to get two folded triangles in the top corners of the paper. You will get a house-like formation.

Draw the keys of the Piano using Black pen, Pencil and Scale.

To learn the complete folding of the paper in detail, watch the step by step tutorial.

Step 3: Your Paper Piano Is Ready!

And within no time your Paper Piano is ready for your kids to have fun with! They will love you for taking the effort to make such a perfect paper toy for them.

For more of such interesting DIY art and craft projects, paper crafts, and kids Crafts subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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    3 years ago

    I love this! Playing the piano is fun.