DIY Crafts : How to Make Paper Cupcake Chocolate Box




Waiting for more cute DIY Craftsfrom me? Well, then I will not be left disappointed as I bring a fantastic Easy step by step tutorial on how to make a Paper Cupcake Chocolate Box for kid's craft ideas. There is nothing that can get as easy as making this DIY Cupcake Chocolate Boxfor your little kid's Birthday Party Gifts, A chocolate box for Valentine's Day Gift Idea. A super cute and pretty Paper craft Idea to make for your nextDIY Home Crafts Projects.

Come let us learn how to make the DIY Paper Cupcake Tutorial.

Step 1: Material Required!

Let's begin making the cupcake by grabbing the following Craft Supplies:

Color paper


Crafty Glue





Decorative Lace

Decorative Stone

Step 2: Prepare the Stencil!

Draw the following dimensions on the white side of the printed paper carefully and cut it.

Run a cutter and fold making clear creases.

To make the stencil follow the image and watch the complete step by step tutorial.

Step 3: Build Your Craft!

Take a red colored paper and cut it out Only in the shape of the above shown red Portion.

Watch the video to learn how to make the red color paper cut out.

Step 4: Seal It!

Once you have pasted the red colored paper on the printed one, interlock the curved papers on the tip of the cupcake to lock it.

Paste the decorative stones to add a sparkly touch to the Paper Cupcake Chocolate Box.

Step 5: DIY Paper Cupcake Is Ready!

And before you even realize an pretty and colourful DIY Paper Cupcakewill be ready, before you.There is absolutely no need to bring in expensive craft supplies. Just watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make an easy DIY Paper Cup cake Chocolate Box that you can use as handmade Gift ideafor Valentine's Dy, Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas Gift and even on Thanksgiving & New Year.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the DIY Easy Paper Cupcake Chocolate Box, and make sure you make it as the next DIY Paper Craft Project.



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