DIY Credit Card Phone and GPS Stand

Introduction: DIY Credit Card Phone and GPS Stand

I was bored today, so I took my expired health insurance card and made a phone stand out of it, which can be used as a mini tablet or GPS stand to watch videos. I going to tell you how you can make your own. I think if you make this out of a credit card with highlighted digits, then the digits should "outside".

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Step 1: You Will Need!

a credit card ( or something which reminds a credit card)
a pair of scissors
a file (I used a nail file)

a marker
a ruler

Step 2: Make the Marks and Cuts!

Take the card and mark the middle in a point (red dot in the middle), then mark a line 2 cm from the right (red interrupted lines). Then mark a dot 1,5 cm from the top and from the bottom (red dots at the right). When you are ready cut from the two points straight until you get to the middle. That was the cutting part.

Step 3: Fold Everything in Place!

You need to make 3 folds. Fold the middle, then the two others. It should look like this.

Step 4: Make the Middle Part's Edge Smooth!

Just file the middle part's top!

Step 5: And You're Done

Congratulations! You've made a phone stand in about 2 minutes. Share this knowledge with your friends!

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