DIY Crochet Top: Enchanted Halter Top


Introduction: DIY Crochet Top: Enchanted Halter Top

This is my most popular crochet top design on my YouTube channel. I would consider it to be somewhat beginner-friendly. As long as you have a basic understanding of crochet and know the most common stitches, then you will have a blast crochet this top!

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    Cute! I used to have a top like that when I was a teenager :)

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    Nah, they were popular in the 90's so you'd see stuff like this in stores a lot. It's cute, I wish I knew how to crochet!

    Kind of like today, I have been seeing crochet tops in stores since 2014, I think ;) You can learn how to crochet if you want! I actually have a Youtube channel that has around 50 crochet tutorials! I am going to re-film my crocheting for beginners video soon (because the one up know is pretty shaky). I'll be sure to post the new one on here so maybe you can give it a try!