DIY ❤ Crochet Distressed Denim Shorts From Old Jeans! Step by Step




Introduction: DIY ❤ Crochet Distressed Denim Shorts From Old Jeans! Step by Step

Hey guys! In today's video I will show you how make a pair of crochet denim short with an old pair of jeans. It's the perfect DIY for this upcoming summer!!

The first thing you need to do is put your jeans on and decide how much you want to cut. I decide to make a diagonal cut because it's more flattering. Use a white eyeliner or chalk to mark your jeans and remember to mark them a bit lower than what you want  so that you make sure that you don't cut too much.
Use a ruler to join the marks and cut them following the line. Fold the jeans in half and use the cut part to mark the other leg. This way the two legs will be even.
Try them on and decide if you want to cut them a little more. I really like how these ones turned out so I didn't cut them any shorter.

To distress them you can use a knife as I'm doing in the video. Another way is to make some horizontal cuts and taking out the vertical blue threads with the help of some tweezers. After washing them in the washing machine they will be even more distress.

Now take a crochet trim piece and turn the short inside out. Now just glue the crochet trim to the bottom part of the short with some washable fabric glue. Make sure all the time that your crochet piece is straight. Once you get to the side, cut the excess of the crochet trim and repeat the same step to the back of the short. Finally overlap and glue the two ends together.

And you will have your pair of crochet trim denim shorts!!

I also made another pair with a bigger crochet piece. First I decided how much I wanted to use and cut the excess with the scissors.  Then I just glued it to the side of the short. After it is dried I cut the middle part of the short. You can cut a little bit or more. Be very careful with this step so you don't cut the crochet piece or the pockets.
And that's it!

I hope you like this tutorial, don't forget to send me a picture on twitter if you try any of these and I talk to you in my next video. Thanks for watching!

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    6 years ago

    That is very pretty I love the lace trimmed ones!!!