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Introduction: DIY Crystal Clear Rainbow Ice

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I recently heard about how to make crystal clear ice, and one day I was really bored so I decided to try it, but make it colored!

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you are going to need for this is a measuring cup, food coloring, an ice tray, and water!

Step 2: Boiling

First, pour about 1 1/3 cups of water into a measuring cup (depending on your ice cube tray) and boil in microwave for 3:30 min. After it has cooled, boil it one more time and let it cool. This eliminates dissolved air and decomposes minerals in the water.

Step 3: Freezing

After the water has cooled for the second time pour it into the ice cube tray and put 1-3 drops of food coloring in each little cup of water. Then put it in the freezer overnight and let it freeze. Some tips for this step are: -Fill each little cup with water just below the top so the colors don't mix -Use something to carefully stir the food coloring into the water -Be as careful as you can when moving the ice tray into the freezer, one tiny wrong move could mix two colors and ruin the whole thing

Step 4: Enjoy

After the colored water has frozen, pop it out of the tray into your choice of drink and enjoy! PS. Because of the color, it looks the best in water, but since its still just ice you can put it in any drink you want. Also be prepared because when it starts to melt it gets messy! You could also substitute something like flavors for the food coloring and add some flavor to your boring water!



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    4 years ago

    I bet it would that would taste great


    4 years ago

    No boiling either way does the same thing, I just find it easier to microwave it. Either way it gets boiled!

    Does microwaving to boil and heating on the stove to boil have any differences? I mean like, do the microwaves do anything that boiling won't?

    Some chem based food color can indeed give some people big time tummy issues--searching for a NON chem alternative to these for grandkid with this issue. For home stuff not that big of a deal but have you looked at ALL of the products out there with RED and GREEN food color (dye) in them??/ Shocking!

    The reason you boil the water for clear ice is---you know that white rock looking stuff on the inside of your tea kettle or your pipes? Water heater elements? THAT is the mineral content of your water and if it is still IN your water ice will not be as clear (and might not taste good too depending on what minerals you have). Boiling gets this mostly out thus---clearer ICE. It's not a MYSTERY!!!!!---It's SCIENCE!!!!

    I too have read the crystal clear ice methods, but unfortunately this colored ice looks more like popsicles. You can't see the crystal clearity when it is colored. Good post though, the colored ice would go good for summer drinks.


    4 years ago

    Before this I had never actually tried boiling it I had only heard of it, so when I decided to try boiling it I got the idea to use color too. But yes you can use lemonade or any type of drink or flavoring. The cool thing about the ice tray I was using is you can make mini popsicles!

    I guess you're one of the few people who boil their water before they make ice out of it, but it looks great! Would lemonade work?

    great instrucable. Tho one problem. Too much good coloring (usually) makes peoples stomachs upset. lol seriously.