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When I went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) during last summer , I loved the shop there compared to the museum because they had a lot of creative products and I was going through each one of them and I felt like having all of them.(Obviously, that is not possible :P)Then my DIY mind said that I can do some of them . One of them were this perpetual cubes calendar.As the new year starts tomorrow, we can make a new calender to start the year. Of course, it can be any day any year to start this as it is a never ending calendar.

Step 1:

Step 2: Materials Required

• 4 wooden blocks (Mine measured 1.4")
• Cardboard (Shipping boxes will do)
• Paint
• Paint brushes
• Utility knife
• Glue gun
• Paint pen
• Black card stock
• Mod podge.
• Scissors
• Clear gloss spray paint or any sealant.

Step 3:

Decide the color scheme of the cubes. My current faves are teal ,gold ,black and white but you can chose your own favorite color scheme or go with mine. Paint the cubes in the colors you picked. I went with teal for date cubes, white for days cube and gold for months.Two to three coating will be perfect to mask the wood from showing through.

Step 4:

Now to the making of stand for cubes.I made this stand by trail and error method.With cubes measurement as key I started building the stand. You can pretty much make this stand for whatever size of cube you have. My cubes measured 1.4".So, if you also have the same cube measurement, then You will need

2 card boards(Middle) -- 6" x 1.4"

1 card board (Front) -- 6" x 1"

1 card board (Back) -- 6" x 2.6"

1 card board (Base) -- 6" x 2.4"

Glue the cardboard as shown in the images.Refer the image notes for more detailed instructions of each step in making of the base stand.

Glue the middle cardboards together.Then attach the front and back followed by the base.

Step 5:

Once you are done building the base , trace the sides on to the cardboard and cut them. Glue them to the sides using glue gun. Your cardboard base is now ready.

Step 6:

Cover your stand with black card stock and mod podge. Use the base that you have just build as a template and trace around black cardstock leaving 1/2 inch extra on all sides .Cut it and use mod podge to glue it to the cardboard. Once the glue is dry , use another coat of mod podge above the card stock to give a polished look. Your base is now ready. If you feel that is too much of work,cover it with paint.

Step 7:

Once the wood blocks are dry. Write the date, day and months with pencil and then go over them with the paint pen for the final touch. If you are confident enough you can write directly with paint pen.Finish it with a coat of sealant like triple gloss paint or clear gloss spray paint.And then, you are done!Cube 1 (Day) - Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. Sat/SunCube 2(Date) - 1,2,3,4,5,6Cube 3(Date) - 0,1,2,7,8,9Cube 4(Months) - Jan/Jul , Feb/Aug ,Mar/Sep , Apr/Oct , May/Nov , Jun/Dec

Step 8:

What do you think about this cubes calendar? Isn't it so easy to make? You can also replace the cardboard base with anything else you already have.Or you can just make the cubes and place it together on a stack of books. The ideas are endless and so the calendar :) Do it once and have it life long. This makes a beautiful gift for anyone celebrating birthday in January. Feel free to share your comments below As always I will be happy to hear from you.

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Simran Sharma

2 years ago

Very creative idea. I will make this.


3 years ago

This was a really fun project to make. Thank you for the great tutorial. The different possibilities in the comments section also helped a lot. :)


But how do you show 07th 08th 09th?

Scratch that - the solution ynordia gives is great & fixes it - I was actually looking at a commercial one of these on a website and wondering how they managed to squeeze it into 12 digits - using 2 zeros then flipping 6-9 does the trick nicely!

(much better than hiding one of the cubes for 3 days each month)


4 years ago

Awesome project!


4 years ago

nice work man! simple and filled with possibilities. thanks for sharing.

1 reply
R.JStorey (Rodders)

4 years ago

A fantastic project, I'm hoping to post a variation on this , please may I use your marking chart ?

4 replies

4 years ago on Step 1

It looks like a neat thing, but please, fix the error in the title, picture and everywhere else (it's calendar, not calender).

1 reply