DIY Cupcake & Cake Stands and Apothecary Jars!




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Do you love Cake stands and little cupcake stands...?
Apothecary jars?  Little covered cookie stands???

If you do, this is for you...if not, scan through it and vote for me in the Make it Stick contest!  :)

Okay, I love cakestands.  Mildly obsessed, I think.
But I can not or will not afford store here's how to get the look for less!

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Step 1: Yard Sales and Thrift Stores!!!

Now, you'll need to do some hoarding.

I like to hit up yard sales and thrift stores.  You could rummage through your cupboards...or better yet, your grandma's cupboards...

Buy candlesticks...
candy dishes...
jars with cool lids...
Cool dishes...
cheese domes or cloches...
tea cups...
Ice Cream Sundae glasses...
cool goblets...

And then just decide what you think looks good together!

You will need a base piece and a top piece.  Easy!

Step 2: Gluing! Glue and Waiting...

Now, the adhesive of choice is E6000.

Here's why.

It's 1 step.  (not mixing epoxys)
It dries clear.
It is cheap ($3 at Walmart)
It is rated for gluing glass to ceramics to wood to metal!

Place your top piece face down on your working surface.
(if it is very large, you may want to mark the center with a small dot, so you line up the base)

then run a thin band of glue around the rim of the BASE piece.

Gently turn it over and press it onto the top piece, right in the center.  Most of the time I just eye-ball it...but you may wish to be more precise.  As soon as you touch it to the top piece, it should stay there, so the glue doesn't get everywhere.
Especially if you are working with clear glass top piece, as it will show through slightly.  (see pictures)

Now wait.  Forever.  Okay, about over night does the trick!

Step 3: Presenting and Wowing!

Now you can turn that sucker over and fill it with confectionary goodness!

If you have a glass dome, you can fit that on now too!  

I give these as gifts for birthdays...with a darling little cupcake on top!
Great for a gorgeous table spread at a wedding or party!
You will love the possibilities!  
Of course they look better filled with cookies or bon-bons! :)

Thanks for checking this out!
Hope you liked it!  Remember to please vote for me!  :)
(wow, every sentence on this page ended with an exclamation point...)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have been wanting to make something like this. Thanks for sharing! Hope your night shines!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Sunshiine! I've done some with jars on top or those little mailboxes too! So cute and tons of options! :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I saw some version of these at a craft fair this weekend. Thanks for showing me what to use so I can make my own. I'm looking for cheap easy Christmas Crafts this year. This covers that base AND it can look whimsical or classy. THANK YOU!!!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Isn't that funny how much they charge at craft fairs? I know, I've done it before too! I was selling cake stands for about $10-15 each...and people were buying them! :) ha ha! I hope you do make some--they would be perfect Christmas gifts! :)