DIY Cushion - Round Pleated Pillow

Introduction: DIY Cushion - Round Pleated Pillow

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Follow DIY decoration ideas for make a gorgeous round pleated pillow or watch my DIY Home decor's(Casa decorar) to add a stylish flourish to any home.

Decorate your home with these easy cushion/pillow ideas that add fun touches to every home.

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-Poly foam (1 inch thickness/ 2 pieces of 16" X 16")

-Velvet or any other fabric (I bought velvet fabric at a local fabric store/42 X 16 inches)

-Fiberfill (you can use any type of fillings)

-Needle and threads (you need one long needle)

-Tape measures

-Fabric scissors

-2 big buttons (at least 1" in diameter)

-Leather or cushion adhesives

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