DIY Screen Printed T-Shirt

Introduction: DIY Screen Printed T-Shirt

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I have created a tutorial on making a custom Alfred Hitchcock screen printed t-shirt!

I got all the supplies on including the Standard Basic Kit and Speedball screen printing inks. I found a white unisex t-shirt by the brand Bella.

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Step 1: Create the Artwork

I found a silhouette of Mr. Hitchcock, which I converted to full black and white on Paint Shop Pro 7 using "Threshold"

Step 2: Add Some Text

I opened the image on a WordDoc using a PC, and added some text to make the design more interesting and custom.

Step 3: Load the Transparency

I placed the transparency film in my printer so that the image would print on the textured side (textured side allows the ink to absorb and dry on the transparency). These transparencies are included with the EZScreen kit.

Step 4: Super Dark Transparency

You want to make sure the transparency is as dark as possible. I printed mine on high quality settings. I let the transparency dry completely for about 2 minutes.

Step 5: Assemble the Exposure Board Unit

Following EZScreen's instructions, I peeled the clear coating from the EZScreen silk screen stencil.

Step 6: Clear Board

I laid the transparency on top of the clear board, then added the EZScreen stencil (shiny side down) on top of the transparency. I added the black felt board, and secured with all the clips.

Be sure there isn't much light in your work area, which may pre-expose the stencil (not good!). After I added the clips, I flipped over the exposure board unit and brought it outside to burn.

Step 7: Expose

I exposed the stencil in direct sunlight for 1 minute. If applicable, set the unit at an angle perpendicular to the sun's UV.

Step 8: Soak

After the 1 minute exposure, I submerged the stencil in water and let it soak for 10 minutes.

Step 9: Rinse

Most of the emulsion will float off after the 10 minute soak, but some extra TLC will be needed to remove any excess. Use a kitchen sprayer or brush (included in kit).

Step 10: Cure

After the stencil was rinsed and patted dry with paper towels, I laid it back outside to cure the emulsion. This step solidifies the emulsion to the silk screen, making it permanent. It takes 5-10 minutes in direct sunlight, emulsion side facing up towards sun's UV.

Step 11: Begin Screen Printing!

Once the stencil has completely cured, it's ready to be used!

Step 12: Attach to Plastic Frame

I bought the plastic frame from EZScreenPrint, and attached the stencil using blue painters tape.

Step 13: Align

After inserting a piece of cardboard inside the shirt (to prevent the ink from seeping through), I aligned the stencil on the t-shirt.

Step 14: Screen Print Ink

I added some Speedball black screen printing ink to my squeegee.

Step 15: Screen Print

In a downwards motion, I applied the black ink to the stencil, making sure I covered the entire design.

Step 16: Lift

After a few passes, I lifted the stencil from the shirt and immediately submerged in water to clean off later.

You can rinse off the stencil right away, or submerge in water to be cleaned at a later time.

You can also use the stencil to print another shirt after printing the first.

Step 17: Done!

Allow the screen print ink to air dry for at least an hour before handling the shirt.

Now it's done and ready to wear!

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