DIY Cut-Out Button-Up Shirt (No Sewing Required)




Introduction: DIY Cut-Out Button-Up Shirt (No Sewing Required)

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Super easy DIY way to transform a regular button up shirt into an edgier cut out top with NO SEWING! Enjoy! :)

Full video tutorial:

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you'll need:

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Step 2: Draw Line Across Shirt

Using the pencil and a straight edge (I used my Oreo box), draw a straight line across the front of the shirt. I chose to draw mine just above the second button.

Step 3: Cut Sections

Cut out each section above the line you just drew. Be sure to leave at least half an inch of fabric along the bottom, sleeve seams and top seam because that fabric will need to be folded in when it's time to iron. You don't have to leave any space at the middle button strip or the collar because those parts will not show much, so go ahead and cut right along those seams (see video for details).

Step 4: Iron & Stick

Place your shirt on an ironing board (I like to place another shirt underneath, but that is optional). Then, measure out a strip of the stitch witchery that is the same length of the first cut-out side you will be ironing.

Next, fold that piece of material over the stitch witchery (make sure you're folding toward the inside of the shirt so this won't show). Now place another piece of fabric over that section and iron the fold down, using steam occasionally to make sure the stitch witchery sticks effectively. Do this to all 6 folds until both sides are smoothly ironed inward.

Step 5: All Done!

Now that all the folds are crisply ironed and fused down, you're all done and ready to wear the shirt! Be sure to button it all the way up for the best look. Thanks so much for checking out this tutorial and please let me know if you tried it! :)

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    What is the stitch witchery for exactly? Really like the way it came out, and it looks great on you! Subscribed to your channel too btw :)



    Reply 3 years ago

    Hello! The stitch witchery bonds the fabric together with heat/steam so I use it for keeping folds and hems nice and crisp. It's a great alternative to fabric glue for other little projects, as well. Thanks so much for checking this out and subscribing! :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Ah, I see, great idea! And no problem :)