DIY: Cut Square Glass Bottle in 3 Simple Steps




Introduction: DIY: Cut Square Glass Bottle in 3 Simple Steps

This time I show you how to cut square ( or any other) glass bottle in 3 simple steps.
How I made it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this build you will need:


Glass bottles

Hot and cold water

Sand paper 80 and 280 grit


Glass cutter



Step 1: Preparation

First of all its need to make one nice pass with glass cutter. To do that in one straight and at the same height line, I made this simple jig from two pieces of scrap wood.

Step 2: First Step - a Cut

I’m using regular glass cutter which you could get at any hardware store for few euros.

It’s need to make one strong pass all around the bottle. It’s important to make only one cut. Do not try to make few pass to get deeper cut. That don’t give any better results, vice versa - it could make multiply splitting lines.

Step 3: Thermal Stress

Prepare some boiling and cold water. The idea is to use physics and let thermal stress to do all job. First, to heat it and after that very quickly cool down. When heating, it’s important to heat evenly as possible all around at cut line. Cold water will make quick thermal stress and cut line will crack.

In this method to cut round bottles is very easy, because round bottles have equal surface tension. With square bottle we have different surface tension at sides and corners, so be ready to fail. Not all square bottles you will try to cut - will be done successfully.

Step 4: In Process...

Some time you will get only a part of glass off, not full top. Take your time and repeat the process at rest cut line. At this situation you could give a light tap to make it done faster.

Even when you did everything right, sometimes you don’t get nice cut or will get crack where you don’t need it. That’s because all bottles could have not visible mini cracks and your cut line could change direction.

Step 5: Sanding...

To smooth the edge I used 60 grit sandpaper and wet sanded to acceptable result. To get nice finish look I finished with 280 grit sandpaper.

Step 6: Result

And here is final result. No sharp edges, nice and glossy surface.

Step 7: Where to Use It?

What about purpose? Well, it depends only from your imagination. Here few examples from me. You could serve some snack in it. Or to store some kitchen tools. It also could be a big glass for drink. Or unique vase.



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    Great tutorial. I have had lots of success using these files on wood projects-they are for calluses on feet, but work well. They are washable, and nave different grits of each side. I suspect they will work will with glass. Available at any drug store.Thanks again for the lesson.

    1 reply

    The Dollar store one stop shop for handy files of all!

    Thank you! I have always wondered how to do it.

    Now I can also try.

    Cool idea - and will have to find where else to get a square bottle - since I don't drink - or can't drink THAT much whiskey!

    1 reply

    you could make a beer glass with a beer botle

    great info thanks!

    Now I need something for this hangover....

    3 replies

    @JamieP58 - Ha! That's what I was thinking. If you have to try several times to get it just right, there might be a pretty big headache involved....


    1 year ago

    Would it go better with a pot of boiling water and a bucket of ice water?

    I've seen people selling bottles like this with candles in them at craft fairs. The sell for $25 to $30.

    Great. Will definitely be giving it a go. Thanks for posting.

    Nicely done, looks great! :)