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Introduction: DIY Cute Accordion Fold Album

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I had to make a wedding gift for a friend (it was her cousin's wedding but she almost forgot and didn't have enough time to buy a gift). On the other hand I didn't have enough materials to make a pretty wedding gift, thank goodness I was thinking about making an accordion fold album for myself for the last few days. So, I grabbed everything I needed and made one! It turned out so cute that I was requested by many to make and teach them how to make this album.

In this ible I'll show how to make a super cute accordion fold album or dairy or scrapbook or (anything, you name it!)...

This accordion folded dairy can be a sweet wedding gift! Give it a try!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this you'll need:

  1. Foam board
  2. Colored Craft paper
  3. Craft glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Ruler
  6. Satin ribbon

Step 2: Preparing the Covers

First of all, you'll have to cut 2 square pieces of foam board. Both pieces should be of the same

The size of these boards should be slightly bigger than the required photo size for this album.

Cut a piece of craft paper by keeping 1 inch extra on all sides comparing to the foam board. Place a board on the center of the craft paper.

Cut the 4 corners of the craft paper as shown in this picture.

Apply glue on the extra part and fold it in, gluing it with the foam board neatly.

Apply glue and fold the 3 other sides. Similarly cover the other foam
board with craft paper. This is the wrong side of the covered foam boards.

This is how the other side (right side or front side) of the covered foam boards looks like.

Step 3: Creating the Accordion Folds

Cut a long strip of cardstock paper, I used black cardstock paper.

The width of the strip should be a little bigger than the required photo size.

The length depends on how many pictures (picture width X the number of pictures) you want for the album.

Hold a ruler along the folding line of the strip and fold.

Create accordion folds on the strip until it ends.

Keep the fold as neat and even as possible.

Step 4: Adding the Covers

Take any one of the cover pieces. Place the wrong side up and apply glue on it.

Now carefully place any one of the end folds of the accordion folded strip on the foam board's glued area. Press to make sure that all four sides are glued evenly with the cover piece.

Similarly glue the other end.

Step 5: Decorating the Album

Glue a ribbon on any one sides of the foam board's middle line. keep enough length of ribbon at both ends to tie a bow knot. This will be the back side of the album.

Decorate the front cover as you want.

Print out and add your favorite pictures on the folds or use it for scrap-booking or as a travel journal.


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